Backpackers Workers Hostel


How do you differ from a regular backpackers hostel?

Our apartments are clean, newly built, and well equipped to function as a working hostel. Each apartment at Griffith Working Hostel features multiple rooms which share a common living area – creating the social environment associated with a backpackers hostel.

What extra features do you offer as a working hostel?

Griffith Working Hostel functions similarly to the co-living spaces inhabited around the world by the digital nomad community. Our apartments offer comfortable working spaces so you can enjoy your holiday while keeping up with your work.

Why should I stay at Griffith Working Hostel?

Just like a backpackers hostel, our accommodation style provides a peaceful social environment where you can easily befriend other working travellers. We pride ourselves on being a local and family-owned business that provides affordable accommodation to working travellers. Contact us for more information prior to your visit to our working hostel in Griffith.